So this person just ruined my night.

They messaged me and told me that I am a waste of space and a disgrace to the U.S. Military. He told me that I should not even wear the uniform because I won’t ever earn it and will make it nowhere. Well let me tell you something guy. I am working my ass off in ROTC so I can become an officer and serve my country. I am taking every step possible to make it there successfully. How are you going to tell me that I do not deserve to wear the U.S.Army’s uniform? Are you kidding me? If one does not deserve to wear a uniform it’s you. Oh wait, you don’t even wear one because you aren’t in the military asswipe. I am a motivated Cadet and soon to be officer in the U.S. Army. I deserve to wear that uniform. I deserve to become an officer. I am high speed. Don’t try to bring me down.

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